Wild West Horse Collage

Based on: Wild West Art of Frederic Remington

Submitted by: Luisa Dugas

Grade Level: 2/3


  • Acrylic paint in tan, brown and light blue (watered down)
  • Sponges cut in small pieces
  • 12 X 18  white cardstock
  • 12 X 18 black cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • Step 1: Have the  students draw a horse in action using the black cardstock.
  • Step 2: Paint parts of the horse with brown paint using the sponges. Set aside to dry.
  • Step 3: On the white cardstock have the students paint the top- light blue for the sky and the bottom- tan for the sand of the desert. The sponges will create texture. Set aside to dry.
  • Step 4: Using scissors cut out the horse.
  • Step 5: Glue the horse on the background.

2 responses to “Wild West Horse Collage

  1. Hi Luisa

    Great to get this going. If I put together some pdf files with presentation material and project ideas, is there a way to add to the website? Or tell me what media you prefer….

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