An amazing generous donation!

We are so lucky at VSY! Our MTM program just received a most generous donation! It is the whole series of books that contain the Seminars in Art by John Canaday and published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are 12 books in the collection and each book has the full text of Mr. Canaday’s Art Seminars and include 12 small prints of paintings illustrating each theme. The 12 themes are:

1- What is a painting?

2- Realism: The Painter and the World Around Us

3- Expressionism: The Painter and the World He Creates





4- Abstraction: The Painter and the World We Never See

5- Composition- Pictures as Patterns

6- Composition: Pictures as Structures

7- Composition: Arrangement as Expression

8- Techniques: Fresco

9- Techniques: Tempera and Oil

10- Techniques: Water Color, Pastel, and Prints

11- The Artist: The Artist as a Social Critic 

12- The Artist as a Visionary 

The incredible thing about these books are the prints that are located in a pocket inside each volume. Some of the artists featured are: Blake, West, De Chirico, Degas, Goya, Manet, Pisarro, Klee, Munch, Braque, Moore, and so many more.

The books are located in the Art room, on top of the MTM prints rolling cart. Next time you’re in school, take a moment and look at the books. Please feel free to use them as research material for your presentations. Use the calendar to sign-in if you’ll be using the a book that day, but please do not take them home with you. If you take out one of the prints, please make sure you put it back in the correct volume. The collection is complete.

Thank you to our generous donor and to Allan Barsky who made it happen!

Luisa Dugas


Orientation at VSY

The MTM orientation for all interested volunteers will be held on September 20th from 9:00 am to 10:00 am at VSY.

We will give you an overview of the program, tips for a succesful presentation, information about our new reimbursement incentive and changes introduced this year to the program.

We hope to see many faces from years past and we welcome all new parents who want to be involved in this wonderful program.

Hello world!

The Meet the Masters Program at VSY has taken cues from the new technology and tools around us and is bringing you the first VSY Meet the Masters blog! With this tool we can share ideas, projects, and comments. There are links to great pages that offer a variety of information and ideas to make many different projects. You can find information about the program, artwork recommended by age group, and so much more. Feel free to explore and to leave us your comments so we can make this blog, the great tool we think it can be!

Welcome to Meet the Masters at VSY Blog!!!