Presentation Techniques

Once a month if possible volunteers schedule with their teacher to come into the classroom and make presentations on the lives and works of master artists, followed by an art project or craft of the students’ own creation. These presentations, usually take about 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

In the past, volunteers would reserve a print of an artwork and based their presentation on the available prints at the school and followed the artist information and ideas per grade level provided by the program through the “Get involved in Education” website.

Now at VSY with the versatility of the Promethean Board and the laptops in each classroom, we have more freedom. Volunteers can choose any artist and artwork and use the Internet to research and make their own presentations. Many teachers use “Keynote” on their laptops and students are encouraged to learn this program. It is self-intuitive and easy to learn. You can present slides with pictures of the artist, his artwork and focus on one or two pieces for your presentations.


  •       Be on time
  •       Demonstrate enthusiasm
  •       Prepare your presentation. Your presentation should not be more than                       20 minutes.
  •       Introduce yourself on your first visit and tell the students why you are there
  •       Your presentation should be appropriate for the children’s age
  •       Emphasize that what you are showing is a reproduction, not the original.                   Mention that the size of a reproduction is not the size of the original. If possible         show them with a ruler, yardstick or measuring tape the size of the original.
  •       Talk and ask questions, don’t lecture
  •       Encourage children to express their opinion and remind them that there is no             wrong answer in art
  •       Be original in your approach
  •       Use the “dialogue technique” by asking questions like: What do you see in the         picture How do you feel about the picture? What colors do you see? Why do you             think the artist used those colors?
  •       Lead the children to discover the elements of art: line, form, color, texture
  •       Help the children understand what the artist is trying to communicate
  •       Encourage the children to explore the painting or artist on their own
  •       Always include a summary to review the major points with the children.
  •       Ask the children questions like, “what do you think…”

2 responses to “Presentation Techniques

    • There is no way to add either Keynote or Powerpoint to the blog because neither format is accepted by the HTML code. However, under the RESOURCES section, there will be a list (under construction) of the available presentations. We will keep either a CD or a USB memory stick at the school for people to use.

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