Cubist Collage Inspired by Picasso

NAME OF PROJECT:  Cubist Collage


MAIN ARTWORK USED:  Selection of artwork from the Cubist Period




Several photographs of people from magazines or internet pictures, scissors, glue, cardstock


STEP 1:  Volunteer will pre- cut the body parts of the people from the magazine or internet pictures.

STEP 2: After viewing Picasso’s Cubist Period examples, give the children a piece of cardstock and glue. The children will create a cubist-inspired collage by assembling and glueing eyes, hair, noses and lips from multiple angles.


Jungle Collage Inspired by Henri Rousseau

ON ARTWORK BY:  Henri Rousseau

MAIN ARTWORK USED:  Surprised! Tropical Storm in the Jungle

SUBMITTED BY: Ingrid Piccirilli

Grade Level: K/1 and can be adpated to 2/3


  • Gray square card stock (appr 8×8 or 10X10)
  • Crayola oil pastels in various shades of green, grey, and white
  • Brown construction paper or card stock
  • Fake leaves and grass
  • Images of tigers and lions downloaded and printed from the internet


STEP 1:  Have children draw tall green grass in up/down strokes on the bottom half of the paper and then give them grey to lightly draw the slanting rain and finally white to draw the lightening.

STEP 2:  Give them the pieces to be collaged one at a time.  Start with animal and tree trunks and branches (note that the trees can be made of pipe cleaners, paper stock, real branches, etc).  Have them glue the tree to one side on the top half of the page and the animal on the bottom half where the grass is drawn.

STEP 3:  Then progress to giving them the tall fake grass you have bought and the leaves.  Please remember to peel the back stem off of any fake plant material or it won’t stick.

STEP 4: Elmer’s glue works, but a lot is required so make sure to use the clear drying kind.  Allow overnight to dry before you stack the artwork for safekeeping!  You may  need to touch up a bit with a glue gun…just depends.

**Note:  A Presentation document is available on the blog for your use.  You just need to print and use on a tri fold presentation board.  Click on the link to access: Presentation doc Henri Rousseau-1

**Note: Other Project Ideas for higher grade levels can be found at:  (link on sidebar) Once on the web page, go to:  FREE LESSON PLANS and pick an age group.  Then scroll down on left side to:  LESSON IDEA PAGES.  Then find Henri Rousseau in the box in the middle of the page.

Tumbling Blocks


Based on: Victor Vasarely “Tridem K”

Submitted by: Jennifer Nordyke

Grade Level: PRE-K


  • Colored Card Stock
  • White card stock
  • Black card stock


STEP 1: Go to the website Incompetech ( and create a tumbling block page.  I used Line Weight 2 and Block Size 2.5 and Color black.  I used this sheet to copy the outline onto white card stock and also colored card stock.

STEP 2: Cut out the shapes (diamonds) from the colored card stock. (I did this)

STEP 3: Instruct the children to create a pattern using different colored diamonds and paste them onto the white card stock.

STEP 4: You can then cut out the pattern and mount into black paper for effect.