Native American Buffalo Hides

NAME OF PROJECT:  Native American Brown Paper Buffalo Hides

BASED ON ARTWORK BY:  Nampeyo (Hopi) and Kicking Bear (Sioux)

MAIN ARTWORK USED: Hopi Bowls by Nampeyo and Battle of Little Big Horn by Kicking Bear

SUBMITTED BY:  Luisa Dugas



Brown Paper bags (free at the Super market)

Acrylic Paint in red, turquoise, black, white and orange

Pencils and Black Sharpie


STEP 1:  Scrunch up your brown paper bag, open and smooth it flat. Repeat. Then, tear brown paper bag to resemble the shape of a buffalo hide. Show example.

STEP 2: With black sharpie make a border around your whole hide. It is a good idea to create a repeating pattern. Show examples. If children want, they may draw it in pencil first, but it takes a lot of time.

STEP 3: Draw in pencil your Native American inspired designs. Make sure your designs are big and fill your hide. Designs should not have a lot of detail.

STEP 4: Use ONLY 3 of the 5 colors and color your designs. Set aside to dry.

STEP 5: When dry, edge all designs with black sharpie to make them stand out.


Blue Collage Inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period

NAME OF PROJECT:  Blue Collage


MAIN ARTWORK USED: Selection of artwork from the Blue Period

SUBMITTED BY:   Ms. Knecht



Newspaper, fabric, white poster board, glue, blue paint in various shades/ hues


STEP 1:  Volunteer to cut the newspaper and fabric into pieces

STEP 2:  After viewing Picasso’s Blue Period examples, the children will collage different kinds of paper and fabric onto white poster board with glue.

STEP 3:  Then the children will paint over the collage with different shades of blue paint.

Starry Night

Based on: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Submitted by: Jennifer Nordyke

Grade Level: Pre-K, but can be adapted to older children


  • Black Construction Paper
  • White Card Stock
  • Blue Paint
  • Yellow Glitter Glue
  • Plastic Combs or Forks
  • Sponge Brush


  • STEP 1: Print the attached coloring page and copy it onto black construction paper.  For younger children, cut out the town scene with the flaming “tree”.
  • STEP 2: Using a sponge brush, cover the card stock with blue paint.  Instruct the children to make swirls in the paint using the combs or forks.
  • STEP 3: Help the children glue the black town scene into the bottom of the page.
  • STEP 4: Instruct the children to make swirls with the glitter glue in the sky.